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The FITTED program

A unique docking tool that deals with both the flexibility of macromolecules and the presence of bridging water molecules while treating protein/ligand complexes as realistically dynamic systems.


The FORECASTER Suite givess access to the FORECASTER Platform through automated workflows. It includes the highly accurate FITTED docking program and the sites of metabolism IMPACTS program.

The IMPACTS program

IMPACTS combines docking to metabolic enzymes, transition state modeling, and rule-based substrate reactivity prediction to predict the sites of metabolism (SoM) of xenobiotics.

The FORECASTER Web Platform

The FORECASTER Web Platform is a browser-based interface that integrates our highly specialized drug design and discovery computer programs. All our programs are implemented for complete automation within different workflows. For more information about licensing options or to obtain an evaluation version of the FORECASTER Platform, please contact us. You can test the webserver version from the demo page here. Please visit Molecular Forecaster for further information on licensing or research contracts.